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Thank you for visiting our new website and online store! Thanks to Susan at PNI Web Designs we now have a way to sell direct to you without even getting off the couch! We also offer Gift Certificates in customized amounts for that special someone or occasion for you to purchase so that they too can get "The Winning Look"!

Here at Barbara's Custom Hats, we realize  everyone has to start somewhere. Finding the right hat can be overwhelming, especially when there are so many options to choose from. Our goal is to help you choose the best quality hat available within your budget.

We strive to make your experience at Barbara’s Custom Hats a fun place to shop, design and choose from our inventory of in-stock or custom hats. Our hats are versatile and suited for all your needs...whether it's for showing, working on the ranch or ya just wanna look great and have some fun! We would like to invite you now to visit our online store, galleries and about us pages. Give us your feedback so we can better assist you! Thank you and enjoy!


Pick your Hat

So you don’t know what hat to choose? Let Barbara’s Custom Hats help.

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4X Hereford Low Crown Kid’s Hat

Price: $25.00 Quantity: Sizes: size 6 1/2size 6 5/8   Hereford Low Crown Kid’s Hat 4X Crown:...

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A Newly Designed, Fully Functional Webstore!

Mobile Show Services and Store. Barbara's Custom Hats provides a unique service for our horse show exhibitor friends. We are a well-stocked mobile store and many of the products you see on-line can be pre-ordered and picked up at the next show.

Our goal is to provide our customers with on-site show related products, grooming supplies or other special needs... especially those last minute "I forgot it" or "I left it at the barn" emergency needs.

A Clean Hat: It's hard to keep up with all the little details on a busy show weekend. Let Barb melt the stress away and take care of those last minute little details!

A Perfectly Shaped Hat: A perfectly shaped hat IS THE SECRET to having "The Winning Look" when it's show time!

Or Just a New Hat!: Horse stepped on your hat? Kid sat on it? The dog ate it? Don't worry, we stock a good selection of fine Atwood felt and straw hats. You know what they say, "Winners wear Atwood Hats!"

Spur of the Moment Sales: At Barbara's Custom Hats, you just never know when a sale might strike! So don't stray too far from your computer, you might miss out!

Here's how you get that Perfect fit

Everyday Low Prices: We show our appreciation to our customers by always providing excellent customer service and going the extra mile! We are happy to provide our services and goods at the best possible Let US take care of YOU!